How to Imrove Your Turns

Hello! Today I want to talk about turns. I use turns as a general name for all turns. Some examples would be fouettés, pirouettes, and leg hold turns ect. So if you are looking to improve these stay tuned!

Spotting! I cannot say this one enough but you must spot. Spotting will keep you from getting dizzy. It will also help with your control. If you aren’t familiar with the the term spotting it means to: rotate the body and head at different rates. Focus your eyes somewhere and keep looking there until you cannot anymore. Then snap your head around so it’s the first thing that completes the turn. Do that over and over again.

Keep your stomach tight. You need to keep your core engaged, in order to keep your body together in the turn. We don’t want your leg spinning at one rate, then your upper body spinning in another.

Balance. This also goes hand in hand with keeping a strong core. But you have to keep a strong core to have good balance. Just a friendly tip, the stronger your core gets the more turns you will be able to do because, you will have so much core strength and balance.

One thing that I find that I struggle with is the plié when preparing for your turn. You don’t want to jump into your turn and go in with so much force that you spin like an out of control top. But you also don’t want to not give enough push, and just barely make it around. There’s a sweet spot in between there, and it’s amazing when you find it.

Work on strengthening your ankles. If you have weak and wobbly ankles your turn won’t last for very long. So try calf raises and different types of ankle exercises.

Keep your arms, legs, and back tight. Also, don’t let your foot come down from passé.

Last but not least visualize! If all you have is positive thoughts and you visualize doing the perfect turn. You’re gonna do the perfect turn!! But if your mind keeps thinking “o no I’m gonna mess this up,” then more than likely you will sike your self out and not do good turns.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips😊 Until next time keep turning! Have a great day!

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