Meet My Dogs!

imageHi! I absolutely love my 3 dogs. They are so cute, sweet and absolutely lovable!!!

Millie is a snorkie. A Shih Tzu/Yorkie. She is the dog on the top left. Funny think is snorkie actually used to be her name. But right when we got her we changed it to Millie. She was adopted from a shelter and was around $200. Millie is one of the happiest dogs I have ever seen. We honestly think she may have a couple issues. She never sits down and is not the smartest dog. She knows how to sit, and shake hands. But we still of course love her! She is around 3 years old. I think we adopted her whenever she was 1. Millie’s breed is great because she never sheds and her hair is so cute and curly. So that is Millie!

Max is a Shih Tzu/Shnauzer. He is the black dog on the right top of the picture. He reminds me of a grandpa. All he ever wants to do is lie down and sleep when he is inside. I promise he is a perfectly healthy dog. He just thoroughly enjoys lounging around. Max and Millie are both trained to where we can open the door let them run around outside and use the bathroom, then they come back in when we call their name. So he gets plenty of exercise. Max is also very smart. He knows how to shake hands , stay, sit, lie down, and Isaac (my little brother) calls it saluting but in reality he just lefts is paw up really high. He could learn a lot more tricks but we just usually stick to the basics. Max has had some sensitive skin issues in the passed but he does really good now a days. Max was adopted from a local shelter for $40. Fun fact it that whenever I was younger I raised money and bought dog food for that shelter. A  lady runs it behind her house and people drop dogs of there when they don’t want them. Which of course is terribly sad. But anyway Max is an absolute blessing!

Princess our Cocker Spaniel is an absolute mess. She is the blonde dog in the picture. We found her on the side of the road. Princess used to be an outside dog but she has a very weak bladder, she sheds, and has terribly dry skin. She also used to love to swim in our pond and then come and sit on our couch. So that got her kicked out. But whenever she went outside her skin cleared up she got to pee whenever and wherever she wanted and she became a happier dog! So that is amazing! But nowadays Princess is a b**ch to our cats and she is deaf. But she still loves life! Princess is still a sweet dog who likes to think any and all food is hers. So she gets mad when the cats get food. But what doesn’t make since is her bowl is always full. We have also given her cat food before but she still like to steal the cats bowl. But don’t worry our cats get fed to.

So now you have met all 3 of our beauties! Have a Great day!!!

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