What it’s Like at a Dance Competition

This is a post on what it is like to be at a dance competition. As for me anyhow. My studio typically goes to regional competitions with no convention.

Whenever I first get there I first go to dressing rooms. The dressing rooms are these big open rooms with tons and tons of people, racks, dream duffle's, and lots of food and makeup. I go ahead and get changed into the first costume I will perform in. If I still have a while till I perform I will go sit with the girls, stretch, and hangout. Its always such a great atmosphere at dance competitions. While it can be nerve wracking everyone there is to show their love for dance.  After I chill for a while our instructors are always there and we warm up the routine a couple times so everyone feels confident.

Now here comes my favorite part, being backstage. Some people think its the worst thing but I personally love it. You get to see some amazing talent that usually either makes you super nervous or super motivated. I always choose to be motivated because you have to stay positive when dancing. If one negative thought passes through your brain you mess up. Trust me I have been there and done that multiple times. The stages that I have been on are usually all really good turning stages. But anyway, after we perform we go offstage we are always greeted by super happy coaches! We then go back to the dressing rooms to talk to super happy parents whilst changing super fast so you can make it to your next dance number. Personally I am in 6 dance numbers so it is usually hectic. But the dance competitions are always spread out usually along three days. Typically it will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So solos will be on Friday and group routines are typically the other two days. I am saying typically because it doesn't work like that all the time but most of the time it does.

After we complete out dance routines we have awards. Everyone at the competition runs onstage trying to be close to the front. Everyone sits with their studios. The judges and the announcers always let us dance first. But after that we get on with the tiring and nerve wracking process that comes with receiving awards. The longest award show that I have ever been to was 2 hours long. Typically they last on hour depending on how large the competition is. Everyone receives an award. But then they get on to what really matters. The overall winners. After we find out what awards we won we always get pictures!! The family members always com on stage so they can take our pictures. But after that if I don't have anymore routines I am free to go home. But if I do have another routine, I get to repeat this process all over again!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!




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