What it’s Like to Dance at a WMBA Game

In July my dance team and I danced at a WMBA game for the Indiana Fever. It was an amazing experience. So on this blog post I am going to tell you about my experience.

They reached out to us and asked if we could perform a dance at half time. We took our Jazz Production routine. When we first got there we went through the gates and gave them our tickets. The arena is truly a beautiful one. Most of the girls including I got ready and just chilled around until we were supposed to go to our meeting spot. We met by elevator doors. It was an enormous elevator that fit about 50 people in at once. It took us down to a little below the floor level. It was an enormous space and basically acted as a basement to the arena.  We practiced down there until we were supposed to go on. There were lots of people there that were dressed in nice clothes walking around and making sure everything was in order. Also, the players family members got escorted through the little walkway that went through the underground area. This area is also where the locker rooms are located.

Once it was almost time for us to go we all got in a line and got to high five all the girls hand’s as they were going into their locker room. Everything was planned down to the second. They were practically shoving us on and dragging us off the floor. But it was still great! So we walked out onto the court and there were tons of people. It was truly an amazing experience. We danced our hearts out and got to take a picture on the court.

After we were done we exited the same way we came. We also rode up the same elevator. Whenever we got off the elevator we were greeted by happy moms. After the performance was over most of the girls got dressed and sat down and enjoyed the game!

I hope you enjoyed reading!

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