Why You Should Join a Dance Team

Hello! Joining a dance team was probably the best thing I have done so far. I didn’t realize how much of a positive impact it would have on me.

It is honestly such a fun experience. Depending on wether you join a studio or a dance team that will determine if you go to competitions or not. But I look forward to dance competitions all year. They are so much fun. You get to spend an entire weekend with people who have similar interests as you. But even if you are just a studio dancer you get to meet new people and get to have awesome new experiences.

I was 13 when I started at my studio. I was so nervous to get there. I knew one of the girls that went because I go to school with her. Whenever I got there she kept me by her side and introduced me to everyone. We then proceeded to work on technique. It was not a beginner class. I got thrown in with my age group and I honestly think that, that has made me such a better dancer. I saw how good everyone was and it made me work harder to get to that level. But now back to my first day. We were working on turns. Everyone was doing several turns in a row while I was over there turning the wrong way and with the wrong leg up in passé. But she corrected me and I kept working on it. By the end of summer classes I had my double nailed down. Fast forward to competition season I was put in the age level beneath me. But I was bound and determined to dance with the bigger girls. I am proud to say that I partly reached my goal. I danced with them part of the time. Looking back now, I was such a scared dancer back then. I never performed the dances. I just did the motions. I was so embarrassed to get up there and shake my butt. But by practicing and practicing I now have no fear and will dance anytime anywhere.

Which leads me to my next topic. Confidence. You will gain so much confidence. You may be scared at the beginning but just let it all go. This has nothing to do with joining a dance team but try to dance in your bathroom mirror. You don’t have to actually dance. Just let your hair down and tell yourself your hot, (because you are). I can promise you doing that will boost your confidence so much. You don’t even have to be a dancer to do that. But anyway, by being on stage you can just let all your emotions and power explode and it’s just amazing. I know shy people that hardly talk but put them on stage and they will give you a heck of a good show.

Dancing is such a great form of exercise. I know that kind of a lame one but it’s true. Dancers burn hundreds of calories in just a few hours of practicing. Dancing also builds good strong muscles.

So if you are looking for a sign to join a dance team this is it! Have a great day!!:)

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